Institutional Islamic Economics and Finance

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Institutional economics claims that institutions and policies rather than the size of labour force, technology or capital investment are pivotal for growth or under-development. In this regard there are two kinds of institutions: external institutions expressed in the form of laws, organizations, regulations, companies, banks, and the like and internal institutions, which are found in the hearts and consciences of individuals.

Against this backdrop, this book acquaints readers with the basic concepts related to institutional economics. It then brings to light the theoretical concepts related to the institutional perspectives on Islamic economics, particularly highlighting areas where Islamic economic institutions lay at the crossroads with conventional ones. The book also reflects upon the organizational arrangements that comply with the basic tenets of Islamic institutional economics. Further, it brings a collection of real-world case studies into discussion to show the models of Islamic institutions that are pragmatic in today’s business environment. The book contains novel dimensions on the subject, includes conceptual debates as well as practical examples, and explores hot topics such as waqf and fintech from an Islamic perspective. This is the first book to exclusively cover this topic and is written by well-known and respected international economists from the field.

Since the book is written in an accessible style and the concepts are expressed in plain language, it will find an audience among academics, researchers and students in economics and Islamic economic studies, as well as policymakers and professionals engaged in the Islamic finance industry, seeking to make their services and products conform to an Islamic institutional perspective.

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