Trading strategies: 4 in 1: day trading + options trading + swing trading + dividend investing Guide for beginners so they can face the market opening a step ahead of 90% of traders

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Do you feel anxious at the market open? Are you always undecided about what option or index? If you have got even just one of these questions, keep reading…

There is a lot of confusion about these topics.

What option? What index? What mutual fund? What is hot today?
Wait! Is it better to start trading with strategies to trade every single financial instrument in the market with safety so that you can make a profit in any case?
Not at all. Often people feel overwhelmed and literally flooded with all the information out there. If you are in some Facebook group or forum you can see for yourself, many people talk, but statistics are clear; 90% of them lose money.

I’ve got an article here for you

« Six classic mistakes young traders make »
1. Cutting winners too soon
2. Letting losers run
3. Doing the consensus trades
4. Bad time-management habits
5. Not focusing on your strengths

Article published on the CNBC on 17 July 2015

It’s been a while, but the conclusion is the same
What is the conclusion…? Trading is hard!

BUT. How can you be 1 step ahead of them?

1. More than 5 step by step strategies for all the markets

2. Basic and advanced knowledge for swing, options, and day trading

3. How to choose the instrument that can increase your money with a correlation Risk/reward

4. The right mindset and psychology to focus on your strengths

5. A BONUS BOOK « dividend investing ». The exit strategy to manage your retirement

Trading and investing are, basically, just click here and click there. The rest is just waiting and it’s there where people lose money.

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