Marcy GS99 – Double Station de Musculation Multifonctions – Appareil de Musculation avec pls de 20 Exercices pour 2 prsonnes – Double Colonne de Poids – – Gymnase à Domicile Complet

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the GS99 multi gym from Marcy has to offer much more than your average home gym, the distinctive dual stack design uses two divided workout stations for a greater range of exercise of the options enabling two users and to train at the same time. </p> <p>workout One of the stations is packed with an independent and chest press pec dec, high and low pulley stations, leg developer and an arm curl pad whilst the other features an adjustable leg press press station. shoulder and a blend of This exercise stations bountiful provides options for heavy and insulation movements compound lighter for your whole body. </p> <p>As with all equipment Marcy strength quality is paramount, this exercise has been designed to withstand heavy use so It needs components that are challenge. It uses up to 500 mm thick steel, 10 cm sealed bearing pulleys and 2000 lb tensile strength aircraft cables to ensure the safe, GS99 feels smooth and robust for years to come. </p> <p><b>Gym Attachments Included </b></p> Lat pulldown bar <br> Straight Bar <br> D-handle <br> Ankle strap <br> <p><b>Weight Stack Resistor </b></p> Low Pulley for Max Resistance: 75 kg/165 lbs <br> Max (High Resistance for Pulley Lat Pulldown): 65 kg/lbs 145 <br> Pec for Max Resistance Dec (Per Arm): 52 (115 kg lbs <br> Max Resistance Leg Press for 145: 320 kg/lbs <br> Max Resistance for Chest Press: 104 kg 230 lbs / <br>for Shoulder Press Max Resistance: 130 kg 60 Lbs <br> / <p>*Numbers are approximate, actual weight may vary slightly. </p> <p><b>Exercises Available </b></p> : chest chest press, pec dec, single arm crossover <br> Back: lat pull, seated row <br>Shoulder: shoulder press, lat front Strawberry, Strawberry, row upright <br>Biceps: preacher curl, bicep curl, triceps high curl <br>: pushdown, pulldown <br>legs: leg curl and leg press

Gym pièces jointes incluses: lat bar, barre droite, poignées, sangle de cheville/charge shrouds garder les poids protégée
Independent Presse à jambe réglable, presse épaule High/low &Poulie stations, développeur de jambes et indépendant sur la poitrine, Pec dec système
Dimensions: hauteur: 208 cm x 82 cm (largeur): 182 cm (72 « ) x 213 cm-Profondeur: 84 cm)/poids maximal de l’utilisateur: 140 kg/309/22 kg/Pierre: 12 mois de garantie limitée
50 mm x 50 mm-Structure en acier ultra résistante avec poulies/10 roulements à billes 900 kg/kg (2000) et la résistance à la traction d’un aéronef, un Revêtement cousu de câbles

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