How to Invest in Structured Products: A Guide for Investors and Asset Managers

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This book is essential in understanding, investing and risk managing the holy grail of investments – structured products. The book begins by introducing structured products by way of a basic guide so that readers will be able to understand a payoff graphic, read a termsheet or assess a payoff formula, before moving on to the key asset classes and their peculiarities. Readers will then move on to the more advanced subjects such as structured products construction and behaviour during their lifetime. It also explains how to avoid important pitfalls in products across all asset classes, pitfalls that have led to huge losses over recent years, including detailed coverage of counterparty risk, the fall of Lehman Brothers and other key aspects of the financial crisis related to structured products. The second part of the book presents an original approach to implementing structured products in a portfolio.

Key features include:

  • A comprehensive list of factors an investor needs to take into consideration before investing. This makes it a great help to any buyer of structured products;
  • Unbiased advice on product investments across several asset classes: equities, fixed income, foreign exchange and commodities;
  • Guidance on how to implement structured products in a portfolio context;
  • A comprehensive questionnaire that will help investors to define their own investment preferences, allowing for a greater precision when facing investment decisions;
  • An original approach determining the typical distribution of returns for major product types, essential for product classification and optimal portfolio implementation purposes;
  • Written in a fresh, clear and understandable style, with many figures illustrating the products and very little mathematics.

This book will enable you to better comprehend the use of structured products in everyday banking, quickly analyzing a product, assessing which of your clients it suits, and recognizing its major pitfalls. You will be able to see the added value versus the cost of a product and if the payoff is compatible with the market expectations.

Éditeur‏ :‎John Wiley & Sons (14 août 2009)
Langue‏ :‎Anglais
Relié‏ :‎392 pages
ISBN-10‏ :‎0470746793
ISBN-13‏ :‎978-0470746790
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