Gillie Da Kid Compares Ben Simmons’ Mentality To Michael Jordan’s: « Michael Jordan Lost To The Pistons Year After Year, They F***ed Jordan Up. And Then They Came Back Stronger And Won. »

It has been a proper saga between Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers, and the friction is still palpable. The 2016 NBA draft first overall pick is yet to feature for the Sixers this season, claiming that he is not mentally ready to play.

Simmons’ approach to the situation has been frowned upon by many, as the Aussie has tried to force a trade in the worst possible way, citing mental health issues as his reason for not playing but has rejected help from the organization.

As the unpleasant situation has continued to draw the attention of various individuals, Philadelphia music artist Gillie Da Kid also had something to say.

The rapper, in a conversation with Stephen Jackson and Matt Branes on What’s Burnin, expressed his disappointment with Simmons. He pointed out that legends of the game have once or twice faced adversities in their career but kept fighting (12:32).

“I think Ben Simmons is an extreme disappointment man. When you say you would rather go to mental protocol than stay on the f***ing court and play basketball, what you’ve been doing your whole life? You’re scared to step on that f***ing floor in front of the Philadelphia 76ers fans. »

“We’ve seen Michael Jordan lose to the Pistons year after year after year, they f***ed Jordan up and he said, ‘You know what, let’s get the team together. We gotta get stronger.’ And then they came back and won. I feel like this new generation, they got too much control.” 

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