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UK-US trade deal ‘a stretch’ in Biden’s first year says Darroch

In order to maintain trade with Northern Ireland, Mr Johnson is willing to extend the amnesty on British meat products moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, Brandon Lewis has claimed. The amnesty for the produce runs out at the end of April but Mr Johnson could extend it if no resolution can be found, regardless of the threat of legal action from Brussels. Although the UK is working to find a solution to the export of products such as British sausages and pies, the Northern Ireland Secretary claimed the UK is prepared to unilaterally extend the period as a last resort. 

He told Newsletter: « We’re prepared to do that but George Eustice and the team at DEFRA are working with the EU on that, the Cabinet Office team lead on the protocol to get the solution to that. »

In further news, Joe Biden risks angering Boris Johnson after the Prime Minister was dealt a major blow on the prospect of a US post-Brexit trade deal as officials believe a deal may not happen until 2024.

Katherine Tai, President Joe Biden’s trade representative, said a “review” of the negotiations which have taken place so far would be undertaken.

Joe Biden’s Trade representative said the review would allow the administration to take stock of the “discussions and the negotiations so far” and to establish Government priorities due to Coronavirus.


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Brexit news: The prospect of a US trade deal has slimmed (Image: GETTY)


Officials say Post-Brexit Britain would dominate on the world stage (Image: PA) understands UK Department for International Trade officials had been saving a “special spot” for a free-trade deal with the US in post-Brexit trade policy but American officials claim a UK deal is not a priority for Mr Biden, who became US President in January.

One former trade official in the US Trade Representatives Office told the Telegraph: « You might not get to it in the first term. I predict they’ll do it, but there’s a material chance they don’t.

« It would be a mistake to assume this (the UK negotiations) continues. I’m sceptical they’re going to move forward from what I’ve seen and heard.”

Another former official added: “It is going to be some years at a minimum.”

Whitehall officials told this publication that a US trade deal would help to promote a “Global Britain on the world stage. »

“We want negotiations to start as soon as possible,” one source told



Brexit news: A timeline of events (Image: Express)

2:50am uodate: EU urged to help ex-Bolivian President after arrest

Jeanine Áñez, Bolivia’s conservative ex-interim president, was arrested by officials and has called on the EU and US to help.

Ms Áñez, who led the country for a year in contentious circumstances, believes her arrest is an “illegal detention”.

She insisted the EU and Organisation of American States to send missions to Bolivia to evaluate her imprisonment

EU Foreign Policy chief Josep Borrell has called for transparency and dialogue and tweeted: “Following the events in Bolivia, the accusations for the events of 2019 must be resolved within the framework of transparent justice and without political pressure, respecting the independence of powers. 

“Dialogue and reconciliation are crucial.”

February 23, 2021, London, England, United Kingdom: Secretary of State for International Trade, President of the Board of Trade and Minister for Women and Equalities

Brexit live: Liz Truss has raised hopes that the Commonwealth could become a trade platform (Image: PA)

1:41am update: Jordan receives first EU-funded vaccine shipment

Jordan has received its first shipment of 144,000 doses of the AstraZeneca/SK Bioscience COVID-19 vaccine from COVAX Facility at Queen Alia International Airport, in Amman.

A second shipment of COVID-19 vaccines from the COVAX Facility is expected to arrive in Jordan in April

11:40pm update: Millions of EU citizens choose to STAY in Brexit Britain

Newly released Home Office figures show there is now at least 1.5 million more EU citizens living in the UK than before Brexit.

Analysis from the Times says 4.6 million EU citizens have been given right to remain in Britain post-Brexit, higher than than the estimated 3.1 million beforehand.

Michael Gove said in February of the numbers: “It’s a great advertisement for this country. People chose to stay in unprecedented numbers.”

Dylan Donnelly takes over from Bill McLoughlin

10.46pm update: Hope for Commonwealth trade bloc to rival EU as GDP set to surpass Europe’s

International Trade Secretary Liz Truss has raised hopes that the Commonwealth could become a trade platform as well as an organisation of friendly nations and allies.

Speaking to the Sunday Express in the aftermath of the Queen leading celebrations of Commonwealth Day last week, Ms Truss has emphasised that the organisation is now a key part of her drive to agree trade deals around the world.

She said: “The Commonwealth is home to some of the world’s biggest and fastest-growing economies.

« Deeper trade ties with our Commonwealth friends and allies will help deliver jobs and prosperity across all parts of the country and help us build back better from this awful pandemic. »

Brexit Britain is ‘full of opportunities’ says John Redwood

9.31pm update: Brexit row: UK laughs off ridiculous EU threat over British sausages amid trade dispute

Brexit fears over an EU ban on British meat products have been mocked by a Cabinet Minister as they do not pose a threat to the single market.

Brandon Lewis made the light-hearted remark about British produce amid the ongoing dispute surrounding the controversial Northern Ireland Protocol. 

The UK and EU have accused each other of acting in bad faith in relation to part of their deal covering the movement of goods to Northern Ireland.

Speaking to News Letter, he said: “We want to do this with the EU; we want to find a way that works. With a bit of goodwill, we can work through that.

“But ultimately, the Prime Minister has been clear – we want to ensure that the great Norfolk sausage or Melton Mowbray pork pie can be enjoyed anywhere in the UK, including Belfast.”

Brexit Britain has brushed-off criticism from Ireland as a row over post-Brexit trade rumbles on.

Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis has defended the UK’s decision to unilaterally extend grace periods on Irish Sea border checks. 

Irish Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney hit out at Westminster for not consulting the EU last week when a decision was made to extend the period until October.

Mr Coveney insisted his job is to implement the protocol – agreed in the Brexit divorce bill – in accordance with the law.

In an interview with News Letter, Mr Lewis said he told the Irish chief the decision to extend grace periods was in “everybody’s interests” and the UK would continue to work towards a solution.

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Brexit news: Mr Johnson has been criticised by the EU (Image: PA)

7.08pm update: EU warned it lost ‘most powerful voice’ on integration in UK as Swexit demands rose

The EU was warned it lost its « most powerful voice » in the UK, particularly on the topic of integration within Brussels, as an expert claimed Brexit could see the likes of Sweden follow its ally out of the bloc.

The raging vaccine war has sparked major divisions within Brussels, and seen anti-EU support grow, especially in countries struggling to cope with the coronavirus.

Nations have been forced to watch on as the UK soars past its European counterparts by delivering a driving vaccine programme, that has led to nearly 24 million Britons given at least one COVID-19 jab.

Figures earlier this month showed the UK was vaccinating at a rate of around 31.2 people per 100 citizens, with the EU lagging way behind.

6.24pm update: Rejoiner Lord Adonis appointed chair of European Movement founded by Sir Winston Churchill

The Euopean Movement has elected Rejoiner Lord Andrew Adonis as its new Chair.

The former Labour cabinet minister will lead the movement that is « fighting for the UK’s relationship with Europe ».

Paul Lomas, Chair of the Nominations Committee, said: “The European Movement is delighted that Andrew has been elected as the next Chair. »

He added: “Andrew has exceptional experience, skills, and public recognition ».

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Brexit news: Andrew Adonis has pushed to rejoin the EU (Image: GETTY)

5.25pm update: Brexit fisheries outrage as Boris told to copy Margaret Thatcher and stand up to EU

Boris Johnson has been warned to reinstate Margaret Thatcher’s « 1988 Merchant Shipping Act » after claims half of the British fishing catch is « handed over to the EU ».

Today, British fisherman, Paul Lines from Great Yarmouth, was interviewed by Brexit Party members, and stated that EU-registered vessels take « 54 percent of British fish ».

In a video posted to Twitter Mr Lines claimed that more than half of the UK fish now go into « the hands of foreign interests ».

Mr Lines then added, « the Government hasn’t got the backbone to address this problem. »

4.44pm update: Britons FURIOUS as EU threatens tough retaliation against UK businesses – ‘No surrender!’

Britons have reacted furiously after it emerged the European Union is preparing to take retaliatory action against the UK as post-Brexit disputes continue.

Relations between the UK and European Union have soured ever since Brexit was delivered on December 31.

Issues over trade in Northern Ireland, customs arrangements and financial markets have been at the forefront of those disagreements.

The European Parliament has also refused to set a date to ratify the Trade and Corporation Agreement which was signed over three months ago.

Due to this and threats over the UK’s financial firms, Britons have ordered the Prime Minister to stand up to the EU. 

Commenting on an story, one reader wrote: “Trust is a two way street and how can the UK trust the EU when they keep breaking promises made best thing is to leave go to WTO terms.”

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Brexit news: Five moments which led to Brexit (Image: Express)

3.50pm update: UK ready to extend amnesty on British meat products – Brandon Lewis 

Speaking to Newsletter, the Northern Ireland Secretary claimed the UK Government is ready to extend the amnesty on good entering Northern Ireland from Great Britain. 

The EU has prepared legal proceedings after the UK extended the amnesty on agri-foods and parcels earlier this month. 

Asked if the UK was ready to do it again, he said: « Our focus is on finding a solution that means they can be enjoyed in perpetuity.

“We’re prepared to do that but George Eustice and the team at DEFRA are working with the EU on that, the Cabinet Office team lead on the protocol to get the solution to that.

« The Prime Minister has been clear – he wants that solution so that we find a way forward.

« I’ll not be drawn on what may or may not happen because I’m optimistic that we’ll get a mutually agreeable solution.”

Bill McLoughlin takes over from Richard Percival. 

Brexit: Simon Coveney shut down by host on UK-US trade deal

3pm update: Ireland is being used as a stick to beat ‘naughty Brits’

Ireland is being used as a « stick with which to beat us naughty Brits » by the European Union amid growing tensions between the Republic and Northern Ireland, a Brexiteer has claimed.

At the end of January, a row over coronavirus vaccine supplies prompted the EU to use the « nuclear » option of invoking Article 16.

This is part of the Northern Ireland Protocol which governs the island’s trading arrangements with the EU and Great Britain.

But now, Annabelle Sanderson, the former Ukip aide to Nigel Farage, warned the Republic should not « rely on the EU ».

2.15pm update: Ursula von der Leyen’s behaviour needs to be ‘questioned’

Ursula von der Leyen and the European Union need to be « questioned » about their operations or the bloc risks becoming powerfully « unbalanced ».

The European Union must be stopped from becoming an all-powerful bloc with no questions asked of it, has been told.

It comes as Brussels appeared to make yet another attempt to thwart the UK’s successful coronavirus vaccination programme.

European Council President Charles Michel this week claimed the UK had imposed an « outright ban » on vaccines and components travelling to the continent from Britain.

Ursula von der Leyen

Ms von der Leyen and the EU should be “questioned” as the bloc risks becoming “unbalanced” in power (Image: Getty)

1.30pm update: New Brexit fishing row erupts in repeat of Frost-Barnier clash

A huge row has erupted between the UK and EU after negotiations over fishing quotas for 100 species kicked off this week.

Both sides held heated talks over setting 2021 fishing quotas for the first time since the UK fully left the EU at the end of December.

It comes after the UK Government published provisional catch limits for UK fishermen last week to ensure fishing continues uninterrupted until annual fisheries negotiations with the EU conclude.

Fisheries Minister Victoria Prentis said the quotas will help to ensure the UK is a “responsible independent coastal state” for the « first time in 40 years ».

12.45pm update: Brexit: Ulster pact must have consent from all, insists Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson called for « symmetry and balance » to post-Brexit trade arrangements in Northern Ireland.

Unionists are fiercely opposed to the Northern Ireland Protocol and the Prime Minister held discussions with the DUP during a visit to Belfast and Co Fermanagh yesterday.

He said there had to be east-west as well as north-south consent, after red tape on goods moving from Great Britain exposed fresh divisions between unionists and nationalists. 

Mr Johnson said the protocol, which keeps the Irish land border open but imposes extra paperwork on supplies from the rest of the UK, should guarantee the peace process and the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

Simon Coveney

Mr Coveney was slammed for missing the “whole point of Brexit” by BBC Today host Martha Kearney (Image: Getty)

12pm update: Boris set for HUGE economic dividend over shambolic EU

Boris Johnson looks set to gain a major economic advantage over the EU, thanks to the success of his vaccine rollout programme.

The British Government is on course to beat its own target of immunising the entire adult population by the end of July.

Research company Airfinity estimates that the UK will have vaccinated every adult by around June 10, whereas the EU will only hit the same target by the first week of August.

The UK’s rapid vaccine rollout is likely to be worth tens of billions of pounds to the economy, according to analysis carried out for The Times.

11.15am update: BBC host lashes out at Irish minister Coveney in US-UK trade row

BBC Today programme host Martha Kearney slammed Ireland’s Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney for missing the « whole point of Brexit » in a row over trade with the US.

Mr Coveney was shut down by the BBC Today Programme host after the Irish Foreign Minister attacked the UK for seeking to forge a new trade relationship with the US. 

The UK is pressing ahead with the goal of securing a free-trade agreement with President Joe Biden to bolster its post-Brexit ambitions for Global Britain.

This morning Ms Kearney confronted the Irish minister directly on his opposition to a trans-Atlantic deal and accused the Foreign Minister of missing the « whole point of Brexit. »

Liz Truss

Brexit news: Liz Truss has urged the EU to start acting like “grown ups” (Image: Getty)

10.30am update: Furious Liz Truss tells EU to stop petty game over border checks

Brussels was last night told to act like a « grown up » over Brexit border checks.

The UK has delayed new assessments on goods arriving into Northern Ireland from Great Britain after tensions but the EU has refused to do the same.

International Trade Secretary Liz Truss urged the EU to work with ministers to resolve the problem.

“I strongly encourage them to work with Lord Frost, to be grown up and reasonable about this and make sure we have got proper working arrangements to make trade flow over the borders,” she said.

9.45am update: Boris Johnson urged to now further ‘free UK from EU shackles’

Boris Johnson has been urged to accelerate the UK’s distancing from the EU in order to make serious changes to Britain’s order.

The Prime Minister has been told he must utilise the UK’s Brexit opportunities and further free itself from the shackles of the EU.

It comes as the bloc’s popularity took a major hit this week after a new poll found the case for its existence had weakened.

It has been particularly criticised for its role in the slow vaccine rollout, blamed on Brussels bureaucracy.


Brexit news: The EU and UK also held fishing talks this week (Image: GETTY)

9am update: Lord Frost to hold EU feet to fire in push to protect UK control

Lord Frost is prepared to hold Brussels’ feet to the fire when it comes to securing Brexit Britain’s sovereignty in the future, according to a political expert.

The Brexit-supporting Peer, who led negotiations for the EU trade deal secured at the end of last year, has been been given a key role overseeing ongoing negotiations with the European Union

Theresa May’s former Europe Advisor Raoul Ruparel has said that Lord Frost is the right man for the job having sat opposite EU negotiators and knowing the Brexit deal « better than anyone ».

Mr Ruparel has insisted the Minister will go into discussions with the EU with « a certain set of priorities » for protecting Britain’s sovereignty.

8am update: NI Protocol not working as planned, says Johnson 

Boris Johnson has said the Northern Ireland Protocol is not operating in the way he envisaged.

The Prime Minister said he did not think arrangements he agreed with the EU would involve restrictions on the movements of food products such as sausages, on parcel deliveries and on soil from Great Britain entering Northern Ireland.

He said the protocol was operating in an imbalanced way and was causing irritation to the loyalist and unionist community in Northern Ireland as a consequence.

NI Protocol

Nothern Ireland Protocol Explained (Image: Express Newspapers)

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