Bitcoin: Complete Guide to Mastering Bitcoin Mining, Trading, and Investing

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Discover how you can make money with Bitcoin.

Back in 2010, one Bitcoin was valued at $0.003. Since then its value has been radically increasing. In 2011 Bitcoin took parity with the US dollar; in 2013 it was worth $266 (an astonishing increase of 26500%). Four years later, one Bitcoin was valued roughly $1000. Because of this insane growth, Bitcoin has been defined as the new gold rush. 

Making money mining, trading, or investing in Bitcoin is completely possible. You’re missing a lot of opportunities if you still haven’t jumped on board, because overall Bitcoin value keeps increasing.

“As of October 2017, one Bitcoin is valued at $4,165.” 

Imagine if you could discover theexact tools savvy investors use to make a lot of money trading, mining, and investing in Bitcoins. In this book you’ll find everything you need to know about the Bitcoin world and the blockchain technology. You’ll discover all the websites and software that will give you the ability to earn money trading and investing in Bitcoins, and all the tools and platforms you can use to mine Bitcoins for a profit. This is an in-depth guide on cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, but you’ll be easily able to understand it even if you’re a non-technical user.

What you’ll discover:    

Everything you need to start mining Bitcoin for profit    How to make money quickly using Bitcoin mining platforms    How to avoid losing money with the mining profitability calculator (100% risk-free)    What drives Bitcoin price, and how to take advantage of it    A scam test to discover if a Bitcoin service isn’t legitimate before losing money    Ten important rules to keep your Bitcoins safe    

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